Thursday, August 23, 2007

11th Hour Action Day this Saturday

Just going to see a movie like "The 11th Hour" can be difficult. Side-effects include despair and the desperate desire to do something. Get revved up to see it at Green City Gallery's 11th Hour Action Day, then come back afterward to share your reactions.

The warm-up
Come to Green City Gallery, Saturday August 25th anytime from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the 11th Hour Action Day.

Throughout the day on the hour, hear from various experts from the film and our own local experts on how we can solve critical issues that face us today, what they are doing and how you can take action!

11 a.m. David Jaber and Pasual Yaxon of Indigenous Permaculture

Noon Nik Bertulis of DIG Cooperative

1 p.m. Christopher Shein for East Bay Permaculture Guild and Merritt Community College

2 p.m. Lawrence Grodeska for Urban Alliance for Sustainability

3 p.m. Ana Maria Murillo for Amazon Watch

4 p.m. Aaron Lehmer for Ella Baker Center, Reclaim the Future, GreenJobs Act

5 p.m. Lindsay Hassett aka Betty Biofuel for Biofuels 4 Schools

Donations gladly accepted but not required.

The film
Please attend the opening week screenings of the film in San Francisco Embarcadero Center Theatre from August 24 to 31, (call the theatre for exact times, (415) 267-4893). Invite your friends to join you here.

And afterward
Join us again in Berkeley after the Saturday night at 9:30pm for an 11th Hour After Party with music, refreshments and conscious community.

Leila Conners Petersen & Nadia Conners from Tree Media directed this stunning film, which showcases an impressive lineup of environmental gurus and stars. The film debuted at Cannes to much paparazzi and fanfare.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gala this Friday

Grand opening

GreenCity Gallery in Berkeley opened with a bang on July 22. Situated in the heart of downtown Berkeley, the gallery drew greenies of all stripes to its grand opening.

A collaboration of Bay Area Localize and DIG Coop, the Green City Gallery is a venue celebrating the emerging field of ecologically responsible designs. Several Bay Area groups: Bay Localize, Berkeley Climate Action, BioFuel Oasis, Chlorophyll Collective, Colbond, Christina Bertea, CYES, Berkeley Ecology Center, DIG Coop Inc., Eco City Builders, Elizabeth Dougherty, Emerging Green Builders, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Plant It Hardware, Rana Creek and Right Design Lab are participating in this green showcase. Those who attended the grand opening got their first chance to check out the displays and literature of these projects.

The Gallery will host workshops, and other social and educational events, as well as exhibits from organizations, businesses and artists who are all engaged in the development of a vibrant, urban ecology and local ‘green’ economy.

Cities that incorporate ecological design in both policy and practice have a healthier, more robust economy, society and environment. Bay Localize and DIG Coop envision a system in which a majority of Bay Area homes, businesses and institutions have rainwater catchment or graywater systems, solar power systems, and green roofs (as suitable).

The Green City Gallery will serve as an incubator to further these innovations with public awareness and policy-support campaigns and engaging events. The space will be open for exhibits, educational workshops, forums and other events. Our aim is to create an exhibit of current, local efforts that address urban sustainability issues, and feature a variety of businesses, organizations, government agencies and academic programs.